Friday, March 23, 2007

Application Instructions

Test Surface: Before applying Expressive Lettering, test surface of where you will be placing lettering by cutting a small piece of the transfer tape (not Expressive lettering quote) and apply it to your surface. Rub transfer tape firmly then slowly peel off. If the surface does not lift off, proceed with applying your Expressive Lettering quote.
Surface Preparation: Clean surface (with non-oily cleaner) and dry completely. (For hard, non-porous surfaces like tile or glass, rubbing alcohol works great!) Expressive Lettering will not adhere to fabric, brick, stucco, waxy or oily surfaces and some wallpaper. The surface needs to be at least 40 degrees to adhere properly.
Prepare Sayings: Unfold or unwrap your quote. Rub surface of transfer tape to insure that the letters adhere properly to the transfer tape. (The transfer tape is the semi-clear layer over the letters - feels like paper)
Application: Your quote cannot be repositioned, so carefully align it on the surface you are applying it to before removing the backing.

STEP 1: Make sure your measurements and level lines are lined up with your QUOTE, and not the bottom of the transfer tape. (It is a good idea to draw a pencil line at the bottom of the words connecting similar letters. Put your level on that line.)
STEP 2: For longer quotes, it is easier to apply to a surface if you cut the quote apart and work with small sections at a time after it is taped in place and level. After aligning, use painters tape to position your saying so it will not shift.

Step 3: Next, flip up the saying and carefully peel the backing paper away from the letters which should stay attached to the transfer tape exposing the sticky side of the letters. The painters tape will act as a hinge so the saying will fall back down where you have measured it.

Step 4: Smooth the saying down on your surface with your hand working from the middle to the edge, so as to not create bubbles or creases.

Step 5: Take your application tool (can be a craft stick, credit card or fingernail) and apply pressure to each letter.

Transfer Tape Removal:

Step 6: Starting at one corner take hold of the transfer tape and slowly peel it back against itself. If part of the saying sticks to the transfer tape, press it back on the surface and rub again.

STEP 7: Once the transfer tape is removed, rub each letter with slight pressure to insure good contact with surface. Stand back and admire your finished quote!

Removal: When you are ready to remove your quote (Expressive Lettering should not be painted over), take a pair of tweezers and pull the lettering slowly off your surface. If your lettering has been on for an extended period of time, you may need to heat it slightly with a hair blower then pull off. If your quote has been up for several years, there may be a residue left on after removal which can be cleaned with rubbing alcohol.